Everybody loves Christmas. Christmas brings joy, and light and happiness. Christmas makes you think about new beginnings, and new lives. With all its charm and its meaning, Christmas is the perfect time to get married. You may think that people are preoccupied to celebrate the birth of Jesus during this time, and that they do not want to spend their afternoon celebrating your love. You might be right. But you might also be wrong. Around Christmas everyone wants to see happiness and a wedding is the perfect place where you can see the real face of happiness. Here’s why you should have your wedding on Christmas.

wedding on christmas

It is unique and special

The birth of little Jesus is very special to those who believe in it. Amplifying this special moment with the fairytale of a wedding is exactly what you, your family and your friends need. If you decide to have a Christmas wedding, you will be able to feel a range of emotions that you did not know existed. The feelings that would go through your heart would be so intense and so unique that you will always remember this enchanting moment.

You can use Christmas decorations for your wedding decor

Everybody likes to decorate their home and garden on Christmas. People go way beyond their power to make sure their home is unique and really beautiful. So, when you have all these decorations already in place, why not take advantage of them and use them for your wedding. Nothing is more charming than a few silver pine cones, colorful Christmas balls, colorful lights, fir tree and mistletoe. Add some white and clear snow and your decor is ready and perfect.

christmas wedding

Your family is already together

You cannot talk about Christmas without seeing families reuniting. People come home from all away the country just so spend a few days of quality time with their families. As your family is already in one place, why not take advantage of this situation and get married on Christmas. You save them another trip to your hometown, and you do not risk one or more of them not coming.

You save on food and drinks

It is a known fact that families get together on Christmas. In such circumstances, the family where everyone meets has to spend a lot of time cooking for all these people. Once the food and the drinks are already in place, why not have another special reason to celebrate Christmas.

You do not need a large budget

A Christmas wedding is more about family and less about fancy weddings. If you decide to have your wedding on Christmas, you probably want just your family and very close friends as guests. When your guest lists is this short you can certainly say that you would save a lot of money. Fewer invitations to send, fewer gifts to buy, less fancy bridal gown, will help keep a low budget for your wedding.

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