DIY dominated weddings have never been more popular, and for good reason: not only do they tend to save a lot of money in what invariably is an expensive production, but they also lend original and meaningful touches throughout.You don’t have to be an expert at jewelry making or even particularly crafty to come up with some great accessories that will match your wedding’s theme and save you a bundle. Here are six do-it-yourself ideas for unique accessories to use at your wedding.

Feather fascinators

Add a touch of class and sass to your nuptials with feather fascinators. These hair adornments are super easy to put together with just a few touches of glue, feathers and hair combs, head bands or clips found at your local fabric or craft store. For an extra dose of polish, add unique buttons or brooch-like details where the feathers and the comb meet.

6 DIY Accessories for Your Wedding3

A statement belt

If you’re looking to dress up a relatively plain and simple bridal dress (especially one purchased off the rack), try a custom made belt. Not only can a belt add a special personalized touch to your dress, but it will help define your waist and flatter your figure. Make sure to select fabric rather than a harder material (like leather) for your bridal belt – velvet is always a good choice. After creating the belt portion, including hemming any raw edges, finish your belt off with a discreet vintage belt buckle, or by topping it off with a vintage looking crystal brooch.

wedding belt

wedding belt (source: Krissy Cartwright’)

Lapel pins

Lapel pins are not only one of the hottest men’s accessories currently on the runway, but they are a great finishing touch for both the groom and his groomsmen. There is plenty of inspiration online for simple and unique lapel pins alike, but they are simple enough to make: just get the pin attachment, your findings of choice (buttons are always good) and voila!Lapel pins are also particularly apt if your groom-to-be is feeling resistant to the idea of a flower boutonniere.

6 DIY Accessories for Your Wedding

Custom cuffs

No jewelry making experience required! Add a bit of pizzazz to your bridesmaids’ dresses with matching or contrast fabric cuffs. Simply choose a fabric that you like, and don’t be afraid to be creative – lace is always a safe choice, but you can always try bolder colors and patterns (or both!). Once you trim down your fabric pieces to the desired size, you’ll want to use a fabric stiffener, pliers and some sort of mold to shape them into place. From there, you can choose to add extra decorations by way of clasps, charms or glued on adornments.

diy wedding accesories

Faux flowers

Trying to keep your floral budget down to a minimum? Make your own! These fabric flowers will not only be able to match your wedding apparel perfectly, but they won’t wilt as the day goes on. Faux flowers can be used anywhere – from your bridal bouquet to the groom’s boutonniere to your future mother-in-law’s corsage. As an added bonus, faux flowers are great for weddings where one or more people in the wedding party have any sort of severe allergies.

wedding faux flowers

wedding faux flowers (source:

Wedding clutch

For the perfect little purse to carry your day-of essentials in (lipstick, breath mints, etc), transform a plain clutch bag with your own findings. The standard bridal clutches can be cloying and seriously short on style, but that’s easily remedied. First, purchase a plain bridal clutch – you can choose a neutral white or off-white, or go with a bolder color (like one that will match your bridesmaids dresses). The best DIY clutches have a couple different elements that are layered so that the original purse does not show through too much. Pick your layers, and let a hot glue gun do the rest! Many brides like to make a sequined little bag for their nuptials, but the possibilities are truly endless.

wedding clutch

wedding clutch (source: )

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