So you are finally engaged. No matter you have been waiting for years for this moment, or it just caught you off guard with the big question, you are probably very enthusiastic and don’t know what to do first. Here are some of the things you should do after you got engaged.

Things to do after you got engaged


Getting engaged is a very important step in one’s life so it should be celebrated in a very special way. No matter if you are having a themed party, or just a girls night out, make sure that you getting engaged is an important event and enjoy it. When you decide who’s invited to your party, keep in mind that you have to invite them to your wedding too.


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Start a guest list

Knowing the number of your wedding guests is very important, as you have to know what venue to choose to accommodate that number. Not all the guests you invite will be there on your wedding day, but you will have an approximate number, and you can start looking for a venue.


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Set a realistic budget

Talk to your partner and your parents about who is going to cover the wedding costs. Set the amount of money you can afford to spend to plan your wedding, and see if any of your parents is willing to help with the expenses. Once you have a budget you can start planning all the other details.


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Book the photographer, the videographer and the wedding planner (if it’s the case).

All the wedding related details are important, and some brides might prioritize the budget in a different way, but I recommend to make sure you booked these 3 people first. Research the prices and the quality of the work for the photographer and videographer, and once you found one you like, book it, as they may be really busy. Catherine offers the best value compared to other wedding photographers in Maine.



Read wedding magazines and research on wedding blogs

There are so many details that need taken care of and so little time to do it. So if you want to save some time, buy magazines or read on specialized blogs to see what are the trends for your season, or what is new in this department. You will find it very inspiring.


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Start reviewing wedding venues

It’s hard to choose a wedding theme without seeing the wedding venue first. You have to see how it looks like, in order to decide how you want to decorate it. Think about a few themes and then start visiting restaurants, gardens, hotels or any other possible venues. Make a list of questions and right down advantages and disadvantages of each place you visited. This way it will be easier for you to make the final decision.

Go to wedding related events

Wedding themed events are meant to  inspire you into choosing the right gown, decorations, centerpieces, flowers, drinks, food, etc. Also some of these events might have special offers, or sales, so you might not want to miss them.

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