pettite woman brideThey may be the envy of all women in the “plus size” bracket, but petite women know just how much trouble it is for them to fill their wardrobes with clothes that suit their small frame and size. Most of the times, petite women have to resort to hunting stuff out from the kid’s section, and so finding apparel suited to their age is always an issue. This ironically means finding flattering evening gowns, and well-fitted clothes in general that are becoming for their age and statute are almost always a problem.

Things became even more difficult for the petite woman when a wedding gown is in question. The pressure to look perfect on the most special day of their life is immense on these brides to be. The trouble is wedding dresses at most boutiques are almost always made for standard size women! This means that flattering waistlines that sit perfectly are almost elusive for the petite women.

But there is no reason to lose hope – there are ways of choosing the right style of wedding gown that will help draw attention to the best features of your body and camouflage those that are not so complimentary. And trust us when we tell you that there are many such flattering designs for the petite women to pick from. So here is a wedding dress guide for petite women that can help you find the perfect wedding dress.

1. Before you go hunting, make sure you have at hand an expert that you can trust. A seamstress perhaps, who knows how to nip, tuck, sew and make perfect alterations wherever you need them.

2. If you like to keep up with what is in fashion look out for latest trends that suit your body type. How about getting a customized bodices tailored to show off that trim waist and those slender pins? The trick lies in understanding to what degree you deviate from the standard, and choosing the right form and shape to suit the specifics of your body type.

3. All petite women do not have the same kind of body. For instance, if you have a heavier upper body, give the halter neck a miss, as these dresses only accentuate the bust – something that you do not need to bring focus to.

4. For those who are on the rounder side, show off the curves with a wrap dress. Go for a longer length that creates the illusion of height. A column dress which wraps around the front is an extremely attractive option for shorter women who want to add a few inches to their small frame.

5. Try not to choose something that comes with a break in the middle – for example the corset and skirt combination. This will make you appear stunted. The trick is to choose longer drapes that add length without cutting the dress in half.

6. A good way to add curves to the relatively straighter frames of petite women is to put emphasis on the hips – dresses that do that are very becoming on trim waistlines as they fall beautifully, doing a good job of showing off the hips on their way down. Decide on a dress that flares at the hips, or has an interesting bow down the back.

7. For those who grapple with their tiny waistlines, an A-line or princess dress could do the trick. A- line dresses create a wonderful vintage feel and the voluminous flare below the waist sort of camouflages the smallness of the petite frame; creating an illusion of fullness.

8. If you want to try something a little offbeat, opt for an empire line gown, where the flare begins from right beneath the bustline – while this style does not put the accent on your waist, it does compliment by adding to the natural height. It has a vintage appeal too. If you are petite but conscious about your hips, then an empire cut dress is ideal for you. If you are going with a vintage theme, the empire cut dress could perfectly compliment the occasion – it is effortless, graceful and exudes oodles of style.

9. Another fashionable option for petite brides is the sheath gown. While sheath dresses usually have the hemlines end just below the knee, it is a good idea to take it all the way down to the ankles for an event like your own wedding.

A bride it is said always looks beautiful, but if you take that extra care picking the perfect dress for the occasion, you will make a stunning impression. Try out different styles before making your decision. Remember, what looks nice on a mannequin or model might not look good on you. Do take your time before you decide what looks best on you. Once you have the perfect dress your confidence on your wedding day will soar in the knowledge that you look stunning. Wear your best smile as you pose for photographs and your beauty will reflect in the images. Don’t be conscious of the shutterbugs around you. Be yourself, be natural and let them capture the beautiful you.

This was a Guest Post by Brenda Panin, a passionate blogger and a regular contributor to several beauty and fashion blogs. Recently, she has been interested in finding the right and easy way to look good on a wedding photo  as one of your most memorable days. Brenda is also interested in practical wedding decoration and how to easily find the right wedding dress.

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