There was a time when happy couples use to use a plain white card to hand write the name of their wedding guests in order to place them at the tables. But now, there are unique place cards and unique place card holders that were developed in order to make table sitting of your wedding guest more fun and elegant.

9 wedding place card holders ideas

Instant photo

Use a camera that prints the photos immediately to photograph each of your wedding guests when they arrive at the reception. Have someone make sure that each picture is put in a special frame that you have placed on the table as place card holders. This way, all your wedding guests will be able to find their sit by following their pictures.



Personalized candle support

Buy some crystal or ceramic candle supports and have them elegantly engraved with the names of your wedding guest in order to use them as unique place card holders for your wedding. When the candles are lightened all your wedding guests will be able to admire their names.


unique-place-card-holders-candle-supprt (source:

Wheat grass

Wheat grass pots can be very elegant place card holders for weddings. Hide a handwritten white card through the green white grass and you will have an unique and adorable place card holder for your wedding.


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If you love fruits you can let them inspire you to come up with wedding place card holders ideas. You can take some big green apples and have their leafs made of green paper. Write on each leaf the name of your wedding guest and place it on the table.


unique-place-card-holders-apples (source:

Secret message bottle

If you are having a beach wedding or a navy themed wedding a secret message bottle is the perfect unique idea of place card holders. Put a handwritten card inside a bottle and let it “founder” on the table of your wedding guests.


unique-place-card-holders-bottle-message (source:


If you prefer sweets and candies lollipops are the perfect idea for your wedding place card holders. Opt for big lollipops and have them engraved with the names of your wedding guests. Put the lollipops in a special gummed support and your sweet wedding place card holders are done.


unique-place-card-holders-lollipop (source: )


For a vintage style wedding postcards are the perfect choice for wedding place cards. Have the postcards personalized with a picture of you and the name of your wedding guest and add a personalized stamp and you have a wonderful vintage place card (many companies use this even for Customer outreach). The postcards can also be used as wedding favors.


unique-place-card-holders-postcard (source: )

Personalized glasses

This idea of wedding place card holders is a little bit pricy but it is definitely a wonderful way to show your appreciation to all your wedding guests. Buy special glasses and have them engraved with the names of each of your wedding guests. These personalized glasses can also represent your wedding favors.

unique-place-card-holders-personalized glasses

unique-place-card-holders-personalized glasses (source: )

Fir cones

For a fall themed wedding fir cones are the best choice when it comes to place card holders for weddings. Opt for gold fir cones and have them tied with an elegant ribbon. Add a small card on which you have handwritten the names of your wedding guests and your fall place card holders are ready.


unique-place-card-holders-fir-cones (source: )

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