A wedding is a very important event and it is obvious that you can’t plan it in a day. It takes a lot of time, patience, ideas and strategies for a wedding to be perfect.

After deciding to get married starts the real adventure of your life. You will face a carousel of decisions, shopping and budgets. If you want your wedding day to go smoothly, you need a wedding checklist timeline, so that you can plan each detail in advance and make sure you have everything done for your big day.

Checklist timeline – 6-12 months before the wedding 

 It may seem a little early for you to start planning your wedding, but brides have a very thick wedding checklist and it’s best to start early. The wedding checklist timeline for this period says the following:

  • Announce the loved once that you are engaged and that you are going to get married soon.
  • Choose your bridesmaids and you groomsmen
  • Talk to your future partner about possible wedding venues, ceremony churches, the average budget you have for this event.
  • Make a first invitation list
  • Choose the wedding date and make sure that your chosen venue is available at that specific time.
  • Do some research, go to wedding shows and find out what’s in style that year.
  • Write down your wishes and your expectations from this important event.
  • Book the venue, the photographer, the videographer and the music band (if it is the case); sign contracts.
  • Start researching wedding dresses so that you can make an idea about what you want.
  • If you feel you need it, now is the time for you to start a diet.

Checklist timeline – 2-5 months before the wedding

  • Choose your wedding bands, after consulting with your partner
  • Help your future husband choose his wedding attire (suit, shoes and accessories).
  • Choose a wedding menu and start tasting
  • Try out some hairstyles and make-ups; book the hairstyle salon that will take care of your wedding hairstyle
  • Start trying out wedding dresses, as some dresses may need adjustments done.
  • Choose and buy your wedding invitations and your wedding favors
  • Decide your wedding decorations or hire help
  • Reconfirm all the previous booking you already made.
  • Send out the wedding invitations.

Checklist timeline – 1-2 months before the wedding

  • Get confirmation from your wedding guests and let the restaurant know the final number of guests
  • Choose the place cards and the text you are going to print on them
  • Plan your honeymoon. Make sure it is going to be a wonderful spot.
  • Read the wedding checklist timeline and check again all the details.
  • Think about how your wedding guest will be seated at the tables
  • Have the final tryout for your wedding dress, with shoes, accessories, underwear. Make sure your partner does the same.
  •  Have a final discussion with your wedding venue manager, the wedding officiant, the catering company and the patisserie that makes your wedding cake
  • Plan your bachelor and bachelorette party.

Checklist timeline – 1-2 weeks before the wedding

  • Talk to your photographer and videographer and make sure they know what you expect from them.
  • Make sure you have all the documents in order.
  • You could go to the orthodontist near me to ensure a shiny smile on your wedding day
  • Try again your wedding shoes.
  • If you are religious, you should go to your spiritual adviser and confess
  • Get your bridal handbag ready with all the things it need to have in it.
  • Have your nails done a day prior to your wedding
  • Make sure your future husband has a haircut
  • Eat light and avoid catching a cold. You don’t want health problems on your wedding day
  • Think positive and don’t let the stress stay in the way of your happy day.

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