designing the perfect wedding invitationsHave you ever wondered what your guests’ first impression of a wedding might be? It isn’t your dress, or the decoration of where you are holding the wedding. The first thing anyone sees about your wedding are the invitations they get. So shouldn’t your invitations follow the same theme and design you want to show with your wedding? Well, here are just a few elements to keep in mind when it comes time to design the perfect invitations to fit what is supposed to be your perfect day.


The overall theme of your wedding can be pretty important, since it sets the mood for the entire event. Maybe you don’t want something as obvious and blaring as a clown wedding (I know, crazy), but even something as subtle as just picking the colors you are looking to broadcast around your wedding can make a difference. And a big difference too, since the theme itself is really what your design will be for the invitations. If your wedding is going to be gold, black and white then those should be the only colors on your invitation, maybe with some gold trimming around the ends, white paper and black fonts. It’s simple, but incredibly effective, legible, and it sticks to your theme. Besides, nothing is wrong with simple.


There’s a phrase that could probably be fit to everything in life: Keep it simple. So it shouldn’t be any surprise that the simplicity of your invitations can be just as crucial. Under most circumstances, you already have a lot to say on your wedding invitations, like where and when the wedding will be, and usually an opener about who is getting married and possibly mentions of RSVP or who is receiving the invitation. This means you don’t want to clutter the invitation even more than it is with fancy curly cues or unneeded pictures or text, unless it is some kind of bordering. That said, creativity is still something you should consider as well.


This comes down to doing a little something more than just your base invitation text, signatures and some bordering. Think of unique things that make those invitations all your own but don’t take away from the theme or overcrowd your invitations. Consider things like including a single picture of you and your partner or the place where you are getting married or you could even do things like creating a fun design of you and your partner’s name mixed together in cursive instead of the usual signing.

Many people even consider adding a little textual or dimensional accent to the invitation, like if you go with a fall wedding and decide on leaves as the border, make the leaves pop out to give a little extra touch. And if you have the time, you can even turn your invitations into a fun craft with your partner, by doing things like creating your own sealing wax and seal to seal your invitations the old way with wax seals. The possibilities in this area are endless, just remember to keep to your theme and keep it simple as well!


As if I really have to remind you even more of the prices on things, but the more complicated you do get with your invitations, often times means they will cost more. This stays in line with keeping things simple, you also be able to keep things to a relatively manageable cost. You can even consider printing and designing your own invitations entirely by just buying the paper and making them yourself on the computer. But if you do get them made and are limited to certain areas, remember also that you don’t have to include every detail down to directions to the place or even the RSVP method on the invitations, consider setting up a website just for your wedding and putting that down on your invitations for all your guests to check in to. This lets you save tons of room, and even costs depending on your invitation creator’s method of charging.

Anything Else

There are of course, plenty of other things you can consider, like making sure to start as soon as possible on invitations. When you know the date and place of the event, start working on those invitations to give maximum time to your guests, make sure everything is legible, especially the address to the guest so it doesn’t get lost. And finally, remember that if you do order your invitations to be made, that obtaining a sample first is crucial to make sure everything is accurate. You don’t want to have hundreds of invitations all with a single spelling error on it that will bug you every time you see them.

Hopefully you got something out of this to improve your wedding invitations, and consider adding a little touch of your own to them instead of just ordering some preset design!

Nancy Arnoldis a graphic artist and writer, with a particular focus on producing romantic and beautiful designs for anniversary invitations. When she isn’t working, her time is spent trying to build the perfect model ship.

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