What can you do when you have already tried on tens of bridal gowns and none of one made you feel like yourself? If you are one of the lucky brides who have a perfect body shape, shopping for your wedding dress should be a wonderful experience. But, there are also thousands of brides who wear larger sizes, or who have pear shaped body, or hourglass shape body, and for them, choosing a bridal gown can become a nightmare. If you are one of those brides who do not have the sizes of a model, here’s what you should consider when choosing your wedding dress.

Hourglass silhouette

Women with hourglass body shape have proportionate bust and hips and well defined waist. Although the overall image is beautiful, many women have complexes because of the large size of their breasts, and wish the nature had been less generous with them. However, bridal gown designers have different opinions (not to mention men who love women with big breasts), and state that hourglass body shape is perfect for any type of bridal dresses.

Therefore, you should wear a strapless dress. The best choice is a linear, one piece, A shaped gown. The two pieces bridal gowns give the impression of a split body, making you look unaesthetic. Also, you should consider a dress with a V neckline. Make sure that there is subtle cut, not a deep one, to underline the generosity of your bust.

You could also choose a dress that is easy draped, or a one shoulder stripe dress which would make you look taller and thinner. Avoid princess and mermaid bridal gowns as they would make you look disproportionate.

hourglass bridal gown

Pear silhouette

Women with pear shape body have generous hips, thin waist and small breasts. If these attributes describe your body, you should wear a two piece bridal gown. The basic idea is that there should be a stylistic and visual balance between your torso and your legs.

This means that corsets with crystals, sequins, opulent ornaments or handmade details, along with a matched long skirt are perfect for your body type. Designers also recommend dresses with a V shaped necklines, and multilayer veils or fluffy fabrics. The skirt should be A shaped.

pear shape bridal gown

Mignon brides

For mignone women, finding the perfect bridal dress is also a challenge. Designers recommend mignone women to choose either a princess style dress, with a modest corset and an ample skirt, made of tulle, or a simple dress made of a particular fabric.

Petite brides can also choose a short bridal gown, which does not necessarily have to be white. Lavender, pale pink or ivory are the perfect colors for a short wedding dress. The shoes must have a platform and the veil must be a short one.

Opulent over accessorized dresses should be avoided by all means. Some designers say that mermaid wedding dresses can also represent a choice, while others would say “No” to this dress.

mignon bridal gown

Tall brides

Tall brides can declare themselves as happy brides as they can wear most of the bridal gown styles, starting with mermaid dresses and ending with strapless dresses. However, keep in mind that you should wear low hills shoes waterfall bridal bouquet, and short delicate earrings.

tall bridal gown

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