best-man-speech-468So you’re the best man… Congratulations! You’ve planned the stag do, had the opportunity to get one over on the groom however you’ve been putting off thinking about the dreaded moment the pressure will be on you. However it needn’t be this way, it’s an opportunity to engage with your audience and tell a funny story or two in the process. Below we have put together some useful tips for helping you to give the perfect best man speech.


I don’t just mean make sure you write and plan the speech well in advance, that’s a given (I hope). Make sure you rehearse in front of the mirror or a select few people as the feedback they will give you could be important, especially with some of the more risky jokes. Many people use notes or cards to bullet point topics on which can help however be sure not to read from it word for word!

Avoid Cliches

The best man speech is supposed to personal to the groom and to the people in the room, not some generic spiel that you took from the first result on Google. Wherever possible, make sure to use personal experiences and topics people can relate to. While lines such as ‘I knew from day one you’d be spending the rest of your lives together’ may well be true, it will have a greater meaning with everyone in the room, especially the bride and groom if you say it in a way that is personal.

Avoid Getting Drunk

Many best men think it’s a great idea to get drunk before giving their speech in order to calm their nerves. While this may be a good way to calm nerves, there’s not much worse than seeing the best man who is slurring his words and embarrassing not only himself but the new couple also. Enough rehearsal and preparation will help ensure you don’t need any Dutch courage.

Use Humor – Wisely

While your stories should be humorous it is important to make sure you don’t come across too cheesy but most importantly don’t embarrass the groom to the point of awkwardness – it will not only be embarrassing for you but for the entire room! Make sure your stories give the audience a snapshot of your friendship and funny stories from the past can help lighten the mood and help the day in being one to remember.

End on a Positive Note

Assuming all has gone well in the previous four minutes or so of your speech (you don’t want to make your speech last much longer than this) you should be well prepared to end on a high note. Finish the speech by saying congratulations to the new couple and of course raising a toast as they celebrate their new life together.

This article was written by Luke James who writes about all things wedding related, from marquee flooring from to the best man speeches.

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