Lately, couples have chosen to replace the classic numbers for wedding tables with unique names, in order to make them more personal or funny.  Based on your wedding theme, on your reception style or on your hobbies, there are plenty ideas for wedding table names. All you have to do is let your imagination go free and you will be surprised to see the names ideas you can came up with for your wedding tables.

Wedding table names ideas

The names of the people you love most

Instead of using numbers for your wedding tables you could use the names of the most important people in your life, or of the people that had a special contribution in you becoming who you are now. Why would you do something like that? Because you probably invited them to your wedding, and because this is a very original way to show them how much you care about them and how important they are for you.  If you want to add a funny touch, use the nicknames of these people.


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The names of the world cities you would like to visit

If you are one of those couples who love to travel and if you already have a list of places you would like to visit why not use these places as ideas for wedding table names.  To be more expressive, add a picture of each of these places and a special quote about them. Who wouldn’t like to seat at a table named Paris, Rome, Sydney, or Beijing?


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Flower names

Depending on your wedding theme, your wedding decorations and your passions you could use flower names to name your wedding tables. The table where the bride and the groom are seating will have the name of the flowers from the bridal bouquet. For the other tables you can choose the names of the flowers that your future spouse use to bring to you during your wonderful relationship. If you want to go a little bit crazy you can add the Latin name of all the flower names you chose.


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Car names

This wedding table names idea is a perfect match for a couple in which at least one of the partners are passionate about cars. All your guests will be happy to seat at a table which name is Mustang, Chevrolet, BMW, Hammer or Dodge. For your personal table you can choose the name of the care you went on your first date with.



The names of music artists

 If your wedding theme is the 60’s, 70’s or any other of these past periods from our history it would be a nice idea to use the names of the most celebre music bands of that period. Would a table called Led Zeppelin, or Bee Gees, or Deep Purple or Barry White sound good for you? I believe these are wonderful ideas for wedding table names.

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