Before a wedding, there is a great clamor of loosing weight choosing the best dress, looking your bests. This is in preparation for the photos, for the people for the diet of looking good. But most brides may tend to go for crash diets, unhealthy alternatives such as slimming pills and coffee and even overwork in the gym. But no, that would be not advisable.

As published in the Huffington Posts a licensed dietician and nutritionist, Carlene Thomas outlined a much better alternative to dieting. She reiterated that being healthy for the rest of your life is much better than having body shaping undergarments and sporting on lots of make up to cover anything.

Why looking good is a must in your wedding

Looking fit and pretty is given when it comes to wedding ceremonies. It keeps you confident and even feeling good from within. Radiating from within is much much better than looking good physically. Anyway, sometimes though both are relating and learning from the other. So it can’t be helped that they get and complement each other.

You have to look good in your wedding because it’s your wedding. You can’t just let go the opportunity and let the entire bridesmaid take your spotlight right?

Tips that last

Cut on fat but never on good fats. Fats are the one that makes you beautiful they say. Healthy fats should be included in the diet. There is this old notion that cutting on fat literally will help. No. That shine on your hair and that glowing skin can be a product of healthy fats. You can do this by having alternatives to the usual bad fats. For example, use olive oil when cooking and instead of mayo, why not avocado? You may also consider trying fat dissolvers to eliminate unwanted fat.

Eat slowly. Eating slow helps your body and stomach adjust to the idea of food. When you eat your dinner slowly or any meal at that, you will realize that you are full before you are disoriented by the food you are eating. You will have the tendency to stop too when your full because you’ve got your attention to the food.

Eat in the right serving. Eating the right food in the right amount is much better than eating so little of something. This will help you get the energy you needed. Eating so little will make you weak thus would lead to the idea of stuffing yourself more.

Whenever you attend parties, eat before. Eat your usual diet before going out for a night of full blown party or buffet. Eat your veggies and fruits. This will help in curetting your pangs of hunger later which might be leading you to devour a plate of calories.

Go green. No I don’t mean something else, I mean eat those green leafy vegetables. They are your ultimate weight saver later. They contain fiber and other good components that will help you in shedding extra fats later. A good vegetable or fruit juice can also help, just as you do your own juicing diet. You may also consider having an acai bowl.

Long Term Plans

You know you’re getting married because you are looking at long term plans. So when you go for a diet, you should think out of the box too. Getting healthy for a wedding is a bit impractical, getting healthy for the rest of your life is a plus and much much better option.Also getting your groom to do the same is an added bonus too.

These diets above can be good with another routine of perfect exercises. When going for routines, try to become positive. Also try harder every day. Here are some tips for that:

  1. Alternate your routines’ intensity. Don’t go steady. This will help in losing flabs fast. Keep it intense or slow. As long as you do it every day, you’re good for the mean time.
  2. Do it regularly. Best bet is to be a gym member or have a regular meet up with friends for the exercise.
  3. Always start from the bottom. Keep it simple first; do not shock your body. That would be too unhealthy.
  4. When performing your routines, always warm up and cool down.

Getting the right mindset is another way of getting your diet and exercise successful. Any nutritionist would say that without the will, all the well planned diet will become nothing. So keep it slow but sure and make the most of your life for the moment.

Author: Roselen is an athlete and obsessed with getting fit. Most of her articles are inspired by her personal experiences and by Costhetics, a health and a beauty website based in Australia.

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