Reading about celebrity weddings in magazines, or watching the perfect wedding play out onscreen does not have to be off limits to you; in fact, you can roll out the red carpet and plan a brilliant wedding similar to those of celebrities or fictional characters you dream about. With a little legwork and imagination, you have what it takes to make the magic happen on your own when planning for your big day.

Roll Out the Red Carpet Brilliant Celebrity Steals for Your Wedding

Do the Research

There are many different magazines devoted to celebrity-themed weddings. They give you all the details, from the wedding venue, to the wedding decor, and even the flavor of cake. Try to piece together what styles your favorite celebrities used, and what themes they incorporated as you think about how to narrow your own vision.

You can also do research for television or film weddings. The director will often speak about the wedding in magazines, or on that film’s promotional website. Another hint, you should check the outtakes on the DVD or a producer’s review. The set coordinator will usually give commentary on why they chose the dress, flowers, locations, and so on. The wedding tells a story, and if you do the research, you can find out what that story was.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

How many celebrities actually get married each year? Celebrity coordinators may specialize in celebrity weddings, but the truth is, they have to take on other clients if they actually want to earn enough money to stay in business, and for this they need the right employees, so having retention strategies is important to keep these employees productive. The fact that they have coordinated a celebrity wedding is what makes them so appealing to clients, which is why a coordinator will label themselves as a “Wedding Coordinator to Celebrities…” If it’s an option in your budget hiring one of these coordinators means you can have a wedding just like those famous actors, singers, athletes, and politicians. A celebrity coordinator also has a lot of connections to vendors like flowers, sierra dental care, doctors or dentists from, who can make the bride have the best smile for her wedding day, the cake and food caterers and more. A wedding coordinator could also help you steal ideas from your favorite films. You don’t necessarily need a celebrity wedding coordinator to duplicate a wedding from a movie or television show. All you need is the right help and connections to get it done.

Get a Narrow Vision

While doing research and hiring the right help is a great place to start, you have to know what it is you specifically want. Is it a Game of Thrones water scape with fur collars and dragon details? Try to focus your vision to what is important to you. Is it simply having that dress Kate Middleton wore, enough for you, or is it all about the beach venue? If a themed wedding is what you’re going for remember to tie it all together with the details like similar patterns in the napkin rings, flower arrangements and gift bags. Find out what you really want from your hero or heroine’s special day before you get started.

Having a wedding like those seen in movies, or the fabulous red-carpet ceremonies that celebrities have are no longer just an unattainable dream. If you use these tips, you too could roll out the red carpet and have the fabulous wedding of your dreams.

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