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Double weddings seem like double the fun, but they are more often than not double the trouble. There are many things to be considered, and even though most of the problems that may arise are simply superficial and insignificant, for some people they might seem quite important. It really depends on couples emotional maturity and experience – a successful double wedding can be pulled off, but some of the prerequisites for the success must be present, most of all both couples being emotionally mature enough.

Double weddings may occur when (usually) the couples are quite close to each and have both decided they are going to get married. In most cases, when this happens, some sort of family connection is present (the likelihood of a double wedding occurring between siblings, especially twins, is quite high) and in many instances is initiated by the females of the couples, although not exclusively. So what should be considered when initiating a double wedding?


A double wedding inherently  means a double budget. We’re not going to focus on that fact, though, because it’s irrelevant. The size of the budget doesn’t matter as much as how it’s spent. Are all the needs of all the participants considered and eventually met in the planning of the wedding or has someone tried to be a really selfish person and taking care only of what they desire? This is really important, because only one person feels their needs aren’t being met, then the whole thing might break down. It’s not like it can’t happen, it just requires almost inhuman quantities of communication and consideration.

But even if everything is met according to both sides, personally, then the families and guests of both sides have to be considered, as well. The budget has to be spent accordingly in order to make everyone happy because, after all, this will be the most special and unique day of their lives and (hopefully) a once in a lifetime experience so ruining it because no one thought about Aunt Ruth’s allergy to shrimps would be just absurd.


Let’s face it – most of us who aren’t getting married and barely know the newlyweds don’t go there to listen to speeches and wish them a good and fulfilling marriage. We go there for the food and booze. Both couples should be aware of this fact and do everything in their power to satisfy all tastes. They would probably know the people they’re inviting, so it should be too hard, at the first glance, but it actually is, because there are so many different tastes, so everything has to be planned accordingly to be as universal as possible.


This is where things usually start to break out and immature people start arguing like mad. Whose name is going on the invitation first and whose second? This is hard enough to decide when we have just one couple, but when they’re two, it gets even harder. Think about this carefully and make sure no one gets insulted that their name is the last one out of the four people. Some individuals are quite sensitive about stuff like this. Like I said, most of the problems are caused by immaturity and are quite artificial and superfluous, so make sure you’re ready for this before you start planning.


The most hated part by the guests, presents have always been there to remind us how much a couple is spending on a wedding, and why we shouldn’t just go and buy something cheap as a present. However, the question remains – should presents be brought for both couples or just the one you’re attending the wedding for? This is one of the problems you will have to think about. One of the solutions is forgetting about the presents altogether, make everyone bring cash and then just split it, but that is a very situational solution.

If you can deal with all of this, then sure, go ahead, have a double wedding, it will be tons of fun. If you don’t think you can, though, don’t even think about it – it will ruin everything.

Author Bio: Paula Sheamus works a part time job at but her real dream is to have her own wedding agency. She is very organized and has an eye for the details so she could be successful in this business.

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