The bridal dresses of the “Metamorphosis” collection are totally handmade. They go, in an instance, from an impressive princess style dress to a sexy version of a short siren style dress, both particularly comfortable. Moreover, the designers from Marithe bring in a version of a bridal dress with bolero or with a shirt, making it elegant and sober, perfect for a formal wedding.

The most spectacular of the dresses in “Metamorphosis collection” is, by far, gown Marithea. This is a 5 in 1 dress, which satisfies the whims of every woman ready to say “yes.” The “Marithea Dress” comes in 5 different designs (princess, princess arms covered, siren, short and sexy, or dancer) making the guests believe that the bride changed her outfit five times during her wedding reception.

marithe bridal gown

Going from one version of this dress to another is easy and practical, as the it is equipped with discrete buttons and zippers. Another advantage is that it can be reused, as the main part of the dress can be designed in any color and can be worn at a different ulterior event.

marithe bridal gown

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