When wedding photos become far too stock standard, couples fear their wedding album will be exactly the same as all their friends’ and families’ album. To give your album that little something special it may be wise to look into some of the latest trends in wedding photography. With a bit of pre-planning or all in the digital post-production these simple changes can make a big difference to how pleased you are with your overall wedding album.

Stories with Mel purpose is to capture all the love, genuine feelings and smiles through the photography on your wedding day so you will be able to preserve all those beautiful and unique moments for a lifetime.

The Journalistic Approach

While many couples still want the let’s say ‘posed’ photos (the ones where they have to stand still for at least 20 seconds so the photographer has a chance to get the shot) many are after a new style of coverage known by some as the ‘Journalistic Approach.’  While this very natural style of shooting any event (including any event in the Ryman Auditorium) can result in some amazing, unplanned and unanticipated moments being captured on film, it’s wise for couples not to expect miracles.  Also be aware that, percentage-wise, a photographer must take many more photos to get a good percentage of ‘off the cuff’ photos than of the posed varieties, so be sure guests know to expect lots of random ‘snaps.’


The Fashion Shoot

These are the glossy shots that make your married friends look like a fashion model in one of the many wedding magazines she’s been poring over for the last couple of years. While such shots can be exceptionally glamorous and frame-able, there is a certain art to getting them to look good and not tacky. If you are interested in having some photos in your collection of this style it is wise to choose a photographer with some print experience. Equally important is the ability to do a little post-production photo editing, so be sure to do your homework and see some samples first!

Digital Enhancement

Much akin to the aforementioned ‘Fashion Shoot’ style, post-production digital enhancement can make you look fabulous, take away your blemishes, and even reset the colors and tones of the day, but remember that this takes your photos a little bit further away from the reality of the day. You can also bring out the beauty of the picture just by using the best telephoto lens for Nikon which will ensure that you have the best pictures. It may be worth asking for a package with some retouched photos that can go in the frames, but other ‘real life’ shots which will remind you of the hiccups you faced on the day when reminiscing over photo albums in the twilight of your lives.

Young Bride

Vintage Prints

A vintage effect can be added after the day, but if you are after such a vibe it’s best to practice some costume changes and poses with your partner (and photographer) before the big day.  If it were as easy as adding a different filter to an already existing photo, everyone with Instagram could be a wedding photographer!

Instant Prints

This fun and funky new style of photography leaves you with negatives to make more copies from later on, but also provides you and guests with in-the-moment keepsake memories of the day.  Such prints are similar to a Polaroid instant camera, but go that next step further to make sure the instant isn’t the only copy.  Many couples are using this style (combined with some silly costumes) as an activity for guests in the form of an instant photo booth. If you want film photographs of your wedding day, you or your photographer may need to seek mail in film developing services.

Author Bio: Jessica Josh is an author who has been blogging and writing online for a number of years.  Her love of wedding photography, wedding trends and fashion has allowed her to review companies such as J.Crew Photography .

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