Questions about wedding invitationsWhen you plan your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. So what do you do if traditional wedding invitation wording doesn’t fit your situation? The questions and answers below can help you make sure your invitations are still worded perfectly even if your situation is not the traditional scenario.

Who’s names are listed first on the wedding invitations?

There are several different ways you can word your wedding invitation. Sample wedding invitation wordings can be found online but it may still no be the right fit. For example, if the bride’s mother and stepfather are paying for the wedding the invitation will read like this:

 Mr. And Mrs. John Snyder

request the honor of your presence

at the marriage of Mrs. Snyder’s daughter

Katherine Marie Jones


Frederick Edward Smith

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two o’clock in the afternoon

First Baptist Church

Smalltown, Montana

Reception to follow

The wording of your wedding invitation should reflect who is paying for the wedding day. If you need to look at more sample wedding invitations you can find quite a few online.

Do I put a deceased parent’s name on the wedding invitation?

If you have lost a parent and are now getting married is it not proper etiquette to add their name to the wedding invitation. This might seem mean but etiquette says that you won’t put their name on the invitation. This is not to say that we forget about this person. The purpose of a wedding invitation is to invite your friends and family to attend and help participate in your special day. With that being said, a person that is deceased is not able to invite someone to attend your wedding.

There are many ways to honor the deceased during the wedding such as a special toast or pictures of the deceased parent set out for display so that people can see and remember that person in their hearts.

Even through it is correct etiquette to leave the name of the deceased of the wedding invite it is still your wedding and you can do as you wish.

Do I send out a wedding invitation for a second marriage?

If you have been married before and now you have found the love of your life is it ok to send out a wedding save the date and a wedding invitation to your friends and family. It is true that second marriages are usually a little less formal that a first but how is anyone going to know to come to your wedding if you don’t send them an invite.

Some people are worried that if they send out invitations that people will think that they are just trying to get a wedding gift. A great way to avoid any confusion about this is to simply put something like “Your presence is present enough”. That way you can avoid anyone thinking that you are just soliciting presents.

So feel free to go ahead out send out your wedding invites and let them whole world know that you are getting married and you would like them to attend.

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