Wedding AppsThe 21st century bride and groom have a broader range of tools they can use to plan a successful wedding. Smartphones, tablets, and the internet are making it easier to make your wedding day run smoothly. With these five apps, the married-to-be couple have a successful and enjoyable wedding day free from drama.

Our Wedding Planner

A binder full of receipts, menu suggestions, seating arrangements and the guest list might sound efficient, but there’s no need to keep all that paper around. With Our Wedding Planner, couples can keep track of everything all in one place, from guest lists to vendors and more. This is a must have for anyone planning a wedding.

Wedding Dress Look Book

Most people are on tight schedules these days, and finding the right wedding dress might get shoved to the back of the priorities list. Fortunately for the busy bride, there’s an app for that. The Wedding Dress Look Book is a great app for android phones that can help brides find the dress of their dreams by comparing dresses across the internet and even finding them in local boutiques.

Wedding Snap

There are a lot of wanna-be photographers in the world, so why not take advantage of them during the wedding? With Wedding Snap, guests can turn their amateur passion into helpful photos of the event. This app lets anyone with a smartphone take pictures and upload them directly into a preset wedding album. The happy couple will be able to see their wedding through the eyes of their guests, for better or for worse.

Wedding Reception Ideas

The bridal couple might be the stars of the show, but the guests deserve a good time, too. Fortunately for the frantic couple, there’s an app to help make planning the reception as easy as everything else. With Wedding Reception Ideas, the bride and groom can see dozens of ideas and take note of what they want during their own reception. They may be the centerpiece of the evening, but the guests will appreciate the effort to entertain them as well.

My Fitness Pal

Paranoia about whether the dress will fit keeps brides up at night, but men share the burden equally. The simple-to-use, popular health management app My Fitness Pal will help the bride, groom and everyone else stay on target for fitness before the wedding. With features like calorie tracking, weight goals and community encouragement, this app will keep the happy couple in shape and on the right track.

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