Most engaged couples are putting their wedding on hold due to the expensive costs of the ceremony. However, little do they know, a wedding is only expensive if they allow themselves to get carried away with popular wedding budget ideas which more likely came from a fiction book than real life scenarios.

Hiring a photographer is expensive

Couples who are on a budget prefer investing their money on the food and the reception venue of their wedding. They don’t allot any money on a photographer as they believe hiring one can be expensive. They would rather let a close friend or a family relative to take the pictures, not knowing they could find a wedding photographer that offers quality services at affordable prices.

Any item with the word wedding attached to it is costly

Gowns, veils and other wedding items can only be costly when you choose the expensive ones. You can find a lot of budget-friendly options at your local wedding specialty store.

DIY is cheaper

DIY is in fact a cheaper alternative but certain projects such as sewing your own gown or baking the cake should be left to the professionals as it can be time consuming and its materials can be costly. If you can’t turn your back on DIYs, stick to making your wedding giveaways and centerpieces.

A buffet catering service is budget-friendly

Food can be the one of the priciest aspects of getting married. Most couples believe they could save money by choosing a buffet type of catering service but in reality they are going to spend more compared to selecting plated dinners. When there is a buffet table, guests can be enticed to eat more, which means there should be constant refilling of food to accommodate their hungry stomachs, making the total cost of the dinner more expensive. Plated dinners should be served instead as you only have to consider the number of guests attending.

Buying wedding gowns online

Brides believe they could find their wedding gown of their dreams at half the price by buying it online. Unfortunately, turning to the world of the internet to find the right gown may not be the wisest thing you can do. You can end up wasting money as you cannot try on the design and aren’t assured the dress you see online is the exact same gown you will receive.

Renting a hall is cheaper

An empty hall is not cheaper than choosing a full service venue. You have to give more money in order to rent the chairs and tables and use electronic equipment such as microphones and speakers. Some would even charge you with a fixed electricity fee.

BYO alcoholic beverage

You won’t be when you bring an alcoholic beverage to the reception. Most venues now have over the top corkage fees for every bottle of beer, rum and wine you will take to your wedding.

Getting married can be happiest and biggest moment of your life but if you continue believing on misleading frugal wedding tips, it can turn into a disaster. Employ your common sense and stick to a budget. No matter what, your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life!

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