Not all the flowers are suitable for wedding decorations or wedding bouquet. There are flowers that don’t resist long enough  for your special day, or flowers that smell to strong. Here are 3 of the disadvantages that wedding flowers have.

3 Disadvantages of Wedding Flowers

Too strong-smelling flowers

Although all of us like the smell of a flower, there are flowers which smell is much too strong for you to use them as wedding centerpieces if you are having an indoor wedding reception. Lilies, tuberoses or hyacinths are just some examples of such flowers. If you still want to use one of these flowers for your wedding decorations, make sure your table centerpieces don’t have more than three flowers in their design. Also make sure that the venue has a very good ventilation system, so your guest won’t get intoxicated with the strong smell.


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Flowers with too much pollen

When choosing the flowers for your wedding decorations make sure they don’t have too much pollen. Pollen not only that can stain the tablecloths, but also it can be a real challenge for all your guests that are allergic to it. Lilies, sunflowers, daffodils are some of the flowers that have extreme quantities of pollen. So if you want to make sure that all your wedding guests stay healthy during your reception, or if you just want to keep the tablecloths clean, choose flowers that don’t have much pollen for your wedding centerpieces.


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Flowers that wither too fast

There are flowers that keep their fresh look for a long time, helped by all kinds of techniques, but there are also flowers that once cut and brought to a hot environment can wither extremely fast, no matter the effort of keeping them fresh. For example flowers that grow into the wildness, irises or gardenias are some of the flowers that are extremely sensible to the wither factor. Before choosing the flowers for your wedding centerpieces or for your bridal bouquet, make sure you talk to your florist about this aspect.


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