Find out why thinking outside the box might just help make your wedding present the best the happy couple receive.

From best friends to distant relatives – you can’t turn up to a wedding empty handed. But that doesn’t make finding the right present any easier. .People often get trapped in the never-ending cycle of trying to find something both personal and endearing that they hope will last a lifetime. Stop, take a deep breath, and take your hand off the credit card.



The happy couple will be overawed with toasters and tea-sets on their wedding day. Perhaps instead of worrying about the rest of their lives you should try and make sure they live in the moment. Giving a present that can be used on their honeymoon or to help them adjust to married life after three weeks in the sun might ultimately prove the most worthwhile they receive. Whilst dining sets and teapots will end up boxed away in the attic, you will have given them something that they’ll always remember.

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Book them a limo to the airport

A wedding day isn’t only the best day of your life, it’s probably be the longest. After all the ceremonies are over, the wedding buffet has been finished and the dance floor has been suitably christened, all the happy couple will want to do is get on their honeymoon.

Whether they are leaving the next morning after or in a few weeks, why not book them a limousine so they can travel to the airport in style. Not only will you be keeping the feel good factor going but you will be providing them with yet another fantastic memory to cherish. Beats a trouser press any day.

A honeymoon adventure

Two weeks lying on a beach might sound like the perfect honeymoon but you could help make it even better with some creative thinking. Once you know where they are going you can start researching the local attractions and most popular places to visit.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Whilst boat trips in the Caribbean or a camel ride through the Sahara are undoubtedly fantastic, something which you have taken the time to organise will have that unbeatable personal touch.

A meal under the stars

Honeymoons are about romance after all. Help the happy couple enjoy a tender meal together in one of their destination’s best restaurants. If possible, try and arrange for their favorite drinks to be stocked or their first song to be played when they arrive. It’ll be the perfect Hollywood finale for the newlyweds honeymoon.

Groceries galore

The last thing you want to do after being on honeymoon is worry about having milk for your morning cornflakes when you get home. Help the happy couple out by stocking their fridge with everything they’d need or organize an online shop to be delivered when they return. This budget-friendly gesture might not be the most expensive gift they will receive, but it might just be the most appreciated.

A trip away

The newlyweds might be just back from their honeymoon but after a few weeks of unpacking and mountains of thank you cards, they’ll need another holiday. A great gift can be to either book them a short trip away or give them some wedding gift vouchers so they can choose their own destination.

What is the most unusual wedding gift you’ve ever heard of? Would you ever consider buying the happy couple something for their honeymoon?


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