Wedding music provides a soundtrack for our lives. The soundtrack sets the pace as the bride approaches her chosen mate. The music played as the newly minted husband and wife leave the ceremony also sets the agenda for the celebration to follow.

There is so much involved in planning a wedding beyond the veil and dress. The bride has dreamed about this day all of her life. She has imagined her dress and must find the right one. The decorations have to be perfect and so does the cake. The music changes over the years as styles change and new romantic songs fit her dreams year after year.   Selecting the soundtrack to this big moment is fun, but still as much work as the other parts of the big day.

Wedding Procession

The music played as the bride step-shuffle- steps toward her groom has been played in her imagination all of her life. Yes, it is true that there are several times during a wedding that music is played, but the key parts are the ones most people think about and imagine over the years. Although there is more variety in the music chosen for the bride’s entrance, the most traditional tune is still the most often selected, which is the Canon in D Major, composed by Johann Pachelbel.


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The First Dance

After all the romance of the wedding is over, the reception begins with the introduction of the new couple as “Mr. and Mrs.” for the first time. Sometimes this entrance is accompanied by music, but the most often planned songs to get the party started are the “First Dance” songs: Husband and Wife, Mother and Son, Father and Daughter, and so on. The song selected for the bride and groom is usually symbolic of what they mean to one another and what the promise of the marriage means to them.  The first dance for the parent with their now married child celebrates their new relationship as the child has now grown up and moved on in life. Usually, the song selected celebrates what the child feels for the parent and expresses what they want Mom and Dad to know as they leave to be with their spouse.


Setting the Pace

The soundtrack for the rest of the party sets the pace for the celebration. Sometimes the music is provided by a live band and sometimes it is provided over a sound system.  Either choice is good, but make sure to pick a band that knows a wide selection of music as the guests may make many requests. If a soundtrack is selected, plan to have a big selection and variety of music genres so the guests can share in the celebration.


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Wedding music is the soundtrack to our lives. Make it memorable and meaningful for you and your guests. This is more than a wedding and celebration of one big day. This is the beginning of the rest of your life.

This article was written by Jessica Josh on behalf of JMD Entertainment, suppliers of Corporate and Wedding Entertainment across Australia.

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