The little details of a wedding, such as the wedding favors, wedding save the dates, and wedding place card holders, are among the best ways to show off your personal style and take your wedding theme to the next level.

place card holders

Budget. Cost does not have to be an obstacle when choosing appropriate wedding decorations. Place card holders can be both simple and stylish if chosen carefully to fulfill their purpose as visual directives and decorative highlights.

place card holders budget

Mood. Set the tone for your wedding reception with specially selected place card holders. Capture the moment with accents that add a unique touch.

place card holders setting the mood

Make them visible. A placeholder that can’t be seen is one not doing its job. Visible might mean different things depending on the place settings and flower arrangements. Find items that display the guest’s name clearly and can be immediately seen as they approach the table.

vizible place card holders

Theme. While a theme is not a requirement for an appropriately designed wedding ceremony and reception, thematic decor can help bring character to an otherwise predictable event. You can harmonize by bringing your theme together with table card holders of complementary colors and styles. You should emphasize by leaving your guests with a lasting impression using thematic place card holders that double as wedding favors. And you can magnetize by capturing your guests’ attention with thematic place card holders. Use color and design to gain the notice of your guests and lead them to their reception destinations.

place card holders theme

Socialization. Create moments for mingling by making the most of your place card holders. Strategically pair guests through matching colors or styles and give them opportunities to share stories about the bride and groom from personal perspectives.

place card holders socialization

Think about your guest’s needs. Every person that comes to your reception will most likely be different having different physical abilities and some with handicaps. Keep that in mind when choosing and designing your place card holders. You might have an elderly guest who has poor eyesight. Or someone who is color blind think about each person on the guest list and see if you can find ways to use the place card holder to make it easier to find their seat. A great idea is to call people on your guest list in advance to anticipate any such needs. Not only will it be appreciated it will help things go smoothly.

place card holders

Use unique designs. This is another way to make sure your seating immediately draws your guests’ eyes to what they need to know. If it has some distinct shape it becomes easier to identify. Try out different types, shapes, and colors. The main thing to keep in mind is that they attract they eye but at the same time don’t mess up the design scheme of your place setting.

unique place card holders

Contents. Place card holders are one of the most practical wedding decorations available. Frequently used to help guests find their assigned places at a reception or other wedding-specific gathering, they often contain one or more of the following features in their design: guest name, table numbers, photos, a list of other guests, and the name of the bride and the groom.

place card holder content

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